I absolutely love having the chance to meet new creatives in the industry and work together on a creative vision. I currently accept two collaborations per month. Unfortunately I cannot accept every request due to production schedules.

Domestic collaborations

Please allow at least 4-6 weeks for shoots within the US. Requests under 4 weeks may be accepted, but require rush shipping coverage. I ask that all items be returned in good condition within 3 weeks of the shoot.

international collaborations

Please allow at least 6-8 weeks for shoots outside of the US. Requests under 6 weeks may be accepted, but may be subject to rush shipping coverage.

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Shoot Date *
Shoot Date
If you are not the photographer, please list their name and business here.
Do you have a link to a Pinterest board? What's the theme, colors, style for this project? Any PDFs or Images can be sent to
What items are you requesting?
The standard styled shoot package includes a single invitation, envelope, and rsvp card. All menus and place cards are in quantities of 6 or fewer. Additional items may be requested and assessed based on availability and cost.
Due Date for requested items *
Due Date for requested items
Please include all confirmed contributors and link website and social media if possible.
Where do you want these items shipped to before the due date?
I have read and reviewed the guidelines for domestic and international collaborations above.