Graze Company Sustainable Farm Branding

The Snead family reached out to me with an idea to cultivate a relationship with people and their food again. I happily accepted their invitation to help them reach their ideal customers with a cohesive and authentic brand that represents them as a family and what they're doing for the community. After a trip out to their farm to learn more about their goals and to explore their land, I left with so many ideas and my own passion for this project of theirs after hearing their backstory for why they decided to reach for their dreams no matter their circumstances. (read more about that here).

Together we decided to move forward with the Essentials + Website package, as well as recruit some help in the copywriting and film photography front by my good friend Ana Woods. The story we wanted to tell was of a young family and the land they lived upon and we wanted to tell this in a beautiful, slightly feminine, and organic way. Now when anyone sees their branding they'll be greeted with a friendly, organic aesthetic that matches the service and products you'll receive from Graze Co.

Graze Company organic and sustainable farming brand


I had the wonderful opportunity to explore the beautiful land that the Snead family is living, growing, and cultivating on and it's been blessed with a large meadow of clovers that adds immense purple color to their land throughout the summer. We all felt that this was the perfect meaningful symbol for their logo and sub-mark.


business cards

Graze Company Sustainable Farm Business Cards