A Gift Guide for Fine Art Brides

bridal gift guide

Are you stumped on what to get your engaged friends? Whether it be a holiday gift, engagement gift, or bridal shower gift, this is a curated list of our go-to resources for bridal gifting. Happy shopping!


In our opinion, every bride should have a special perfume for their wedding day. Something that is elegant, romantic, and unforgettable. A scent that, when she puts it on for a special occasion years later, it takes her back to the moments she was walking towards the love of her life whom she was about to spend forever with. There are a few scents that are popularly chosen for this momentous occasion and we’ve listed them below. We suggest only purchasing a scent if you know what their preferences are (sweet, citrus, bold, natural, etc)

Our picks:

Any of the Tocca scents
Peony & Blush Suede by Jo Malone
No. 5 by Chanel

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There are always times when a bride needs to take off her beautiful ring. We suggest having a safe space to keep it. Some of our favorites are handmade ring dishes, Mrs. boxes, or a beautiful glass box that she can keep on her bedside table.

Our picks:

The Mrs. Box

Notary Ceramics - Round Pinch Dish

BHLDN - Porcelain Bloom Ring Box

Handmade Studio TN - Gold Rim Ring Dish

High Street Market - Brass & Glass Mirror Box

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Whether it’s for wedding planning stress relief, or preparation for the big day, a bride can always use some artisan skincare products that promote relaxation and natural ingredients.

Our picks:

Herbivore Botanicals
Lola Jane Naturals

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We're sure you've seen the cliché engagement mugs everywhere with, ‘soon to be mrs’ or ‘does this ring make me look engaged?’ plastered all over them, and to each their own, but we love the idea of tossing that idea to the side, and instead getting something unique and handmade that they will adore for years to come. 

p.s. It’s always a good idea to get a set!

Our picks:

Kati Von Lehman Textured Short Mug
Farmhouse Pottery Silo Mug Set
Squatty Quilted Farmhouse Mug



We wholeheartedly believe that a beautiful love story is worth capturing every moment. Whether it’s recording the exciting season of their engagement, the honeymoon, or their life as a newly married couple, this gift will keep on giving. We, of course, are quite partial to this inexpensive film camera due to the timeless quality of the photos it captures. Be sure to include some film in your gift! They will then be able to develop it into prints for their home, or digitize them through one of the many film labs across the country.

Our pick:

Pentax K1000 Film Camera



A wedding planner is perfect for the most recently engaged brides to give them a place to keep their thoughts, ideas, and wedding plans in one place.

Our pick:

BHLDN - Some Kind of Wonderful Wedding Planner



The perfect little tool to carry in your purse and clean up your ring when heading out for an event or date night. Every newly engaged woman wants to show off their new accessory, and this is the perfect gift to make sure it always sparkles.

Baublerella Bling Brush

bling brush



Simple, delicate, and a beautiful reminder of their love. Get their initials or wedding day stamped into one of these bar necklaces that they can wear for years to come as a reminder of their special day.

Our pick:

Pixley Pressed Classic Date Bar Necklace

Pixley Pressed Classic Date Bar Necklace


Sometimes the most special gift you can give to a couple is the gift of quality time together. Our personal favorite gifts have been gift cards to our favorite restaurants, movies, hotel night, etc. You know your engaged friends better than we do, what would their dream date night be? It could be something as simple as a nice bottle of wine and a movie, if you're on a tight budget.

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