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The great adventure of becoming a business includes a few hurdles. One huge struggle for us was the quest to find the perfect name. The question of how we came up with our name is asked again and again, and that's when we decided we'd put it out there as public knowledge for all who are curious as to how we came up with the name "Gatherie Creative Company".

It all started during our month long search. We would find something we loved and that we thought was so creative that it can't already exist, but time and time again we were wrong. It was getting to the point that we were out of ideas and almost picked something random with no meaning behind it just to put the naming process behind us and move on. 

That's when we came across the word "gather". It felt like a weight off our shoulders when we both loved the word. It actually has a double meaning for us, one being that we gather elements of our clients' personalities and styles, and the other being the fact that a large portion of our business is creating designs for gatherings. We wanted to make the word unique to us, therefore, we added the suffix -ie, which denotes a place set aside for a certain activity, for example an "eatery". When you combine the word "gather" with the suffix "-ie" we became a place set aside for the gathering of elements and designing for gatherings.

So there it is... short and simple and we wouldn't change it for the world. It's funny how some things come about like that, isn't it? They just somehow fall into your lap and become what you never knew you were looking for. Never in a million years would we have thought we would have a business at age 21, but it has become quite the blessing that we are eager to share with the world! Welcome to the world Gatherie Creative Co!