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Fun fact: when we were planning our own weddings, we felt very out of our element despite our place in the wedding industry. Why? Because we had never planned a wedding before. Sure, we had been to many, but that does not prepare you for the nitty gritty details and decisions to be made. We want to cut down on those decisions and make your planning easier so that you can enjoy your engagement to the fullest, because it goes too fast. We've broken down the need-to-know details about our semi-custom goods, so if you're thinking about utilizing this option, you don't have to be confused and left in the dark.


  1. First, you choose your semi-custom suite and customize your details by choosing your quantity, print method, paper color, envelope color, ink color, calligraphy style*, and filling out our information form.

  2. Add any additional adornments, including guest address printing via our shop prior to checking out.

  3. You will receive an initial proof of your invitation suite within seven business days of placing your order. Please review all of the information carefully and make sure everything looks as it should! One revision is included after you see the first proof: this covers any changes to information/wording. Please note that once you have approved the second and final proof, no more changes can be made.

  4. Once you have approved the final proof, your files will be sent to the printer. Printing usually takes about three weeks.

  5. Your finished invitations will be carefully packaged and shipped to you! Please plan on an additional two weeks for processing and shipment.



Your invitations will arrive in your mailbox five to eight weeks after you place your order. If you choose letterpress or foil printing, please allow an additional two weeks. If you are ordering internationally, also plan on an additional week for shipping. If you require a shorter turnaround, please contact us for a custom quote to rush your order.



Orders are currently limited to 25 - 150 invitations, and 50-200 day-of items. Please contact us for a custom quote if you need a smaller or larger number of invitations. We highly recommend ordering 10 - 15 extra pieces for last-minute guests, keepsakes, and photographs on the wedding day.



We only source quality papers that have a luxurious feel, without being too pricy. To keep it simple, we've narrowed it down to two paper options for you: Pearl White (ivory), and Fluorescent White (clean white). These are both Crane Lettra cotton papers which have a soft, fine matte texture with clean edges. Both papers are a nice 90# weight.



With three printing methods, we're able to offer greater customization and elevated looks for couples with varying budgets. We've outlined the three methods below.

Flat printing consists of a high-quality laser printer transferring the design onto paper. The finished invitation will look crisp, clean, and smooth. 

Letterpress printing is a technique of relief printing using a printing press. Custom dies are positioned into the bed of the press and inked, then paper is pressed against it to transfer the ink, creating an impression. This method creates an elegant, tactile effect.
*available only in quantities of 50 or greater

Foil printing is the application of metallic foil, to paper where a heated die is stamped onto the foil, making it adhere to the surface leaving the design of the die on the paper. If you choose this option, every piece in your suite will be of the same foil color. Color options include gold, silver, and rose gold. 
*available only in quantities of 50 or greater



Our envelope colors are hand picked and sourced from our favorite vendors, offering complimentary color schemes that adhere to the fine art aesthetic. Each of our envelope color options are very close to their corresponding ink colors, but won't be a perfect match due to printing and screen variations. Our envelope colors are on the lighter end of the spectrum to allow envelope address printing to be legible.



Similarly to envelope colors, we've carefully curated a selection of ink colors that compliment the style of the suites, and envelope colors. Our ink color options can be used slightly differently within each different suite. Please use read the listing carefully to specify what parts of the design will be changed to your ink color.



We've spent hours upon hours fine-tuning each piece to look its best, therefore at this time we do not change font families in order to keep the integrity of our designs. All fonts will remain as they are in the suite pictured on the listing page.
If the suite features calligraphy, you will have a choice between two calligraphy styles.



To further customize your paper goods, we've included adornment options in our shop for a selection of additional stationery, day-of items, wax seals, digital addressing, and more.

We hope this has been helpful in your journey to find the perfect wedding stationery. And if you do choose to be a Gatherie bride, we'll make sure you're well taken care of. Let us know if you have any additional questions!


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